August 1 – September 30, 2019

Wild hogs are non-native, nuisance animals that cause more than $60 million in property damage in Mississippi each year. They cause substantial damage to row crops, pastures, and forestlands; carry harmful diseases; and eat the eggs and young of many wildlife species. In response to this, Agriculture and Commerce Commissioner Andy Gipson initiated “The Commissioner’s Wild Hog Challenge.” The purpose of the challenge is to raise awareness regarding these nuisance animals and their huge negative impact on agriculture. Each participant in the challenge will be entered into a drawing for a wild hog trapping system donated by HogEye, a $6,000 value. Additionally, the participant that provides evidence of the heaviest wild hog harvested will win his/her choice of a Ruger 350 Legend or a Diamondback 300 Blackout donated by Central Mississippi Friends of NRA, valued up to $775.

Participation in “The Commissioners Wild Hog Challenge” is simple. Commissioner Gipson wants to see results of your efforts in protecting Mississippi’s agriculture from nuisance wild hogs. To participate, upload photos of wild hogs that you harvest and/or trap between August 1 and September 30 and supply the required information related to the harvest. The harvest must take place during August 1 - September 30 on Mississippi agricultural lands such as row crops and pasture. The following must be submitted to participate:
  • Person’s name
  • Date of harvest
  • County of harvest
  • Agriculture crop protected by harvest (corn, pasture, soybeans, peanuts, etc.)
  • Acres of crops protected by harvest
  • Number of wild hogs harvested
  • High quality photo of harvest
  • Photo of scale and wild hog showing weight of the animal (optional for entry into heaviest wild hog category)
All rules and regulations pertaining to the take of nuisance animals in Mississippi must be followed. By submitting a photo, the participant agrees to give the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce permission to use the photo on the event website and other social media outlets. Photos of the highest quality that are submitted will be posted to the challenge’s website. Winners of the trapping system and gun will be announced during the 2019 Mississippi State Fair in October.